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I live in Shinfield, just outside Reading


I studied Fine Art for my Diploma in Art and Design at Goldsmith College, London University after a foundation year at Winchester Art College. I then got distracted by life and engaged in paid employment, marriage(s), mortgages, a wonderful daughter three grandsons and a superb son-in-law. I also made a better choice in my second husband and we will be celebrating 25 years in 2017. He has always been supportive and tolerant of my need to paint and draw.


Ever since I can remember I have painted and drawn, I have a sketch book from school autographed with a childish hand at age 16 which contains some good drawings and some pretty awful ones which I cherish. I don't have much else remaining from my student days as unfortunately both I and parents travelled a lot and paintings and sketches got stored in the garage, got damp and were disposed of while I was gallivanting. Hey ho.

 I have been indulged in my hobby by an understanding husband converting the spare room into a studio and generally making whatever I need including purchasing D clips and in the early days even making me an easel.

After being made redundant in 2016 I decided it was now or never and I would concentrate on my art for a couple of years living on my savings. Very selfish of me, but strangely I feel no guilt!

In my paintings I concentrate on form. colour and 'flow'. The image on the canvas should become a complete entity and feel real, until it does I am not satisfied. I don't mean necessarily heightened realism, just complete. I welcome challenges and am wary of saying I don't paint this or do that because invariably I will ask myself 'why not' and explore a new style or challenge.


I work in oils, acrylics, pencil, pen and ink and have recently studied charcoal, pastels and watercolours. I have also worked with applied texture combined with acrylic paint


I welcome commissions and on these would work on the basis of an initial free consultation, followed by a sketch of the artwork outline and estimate of the charge

Once the general form of the finished artwork is agreed I would  want a small deposit and send images of work in progress for you to review. You can critique, and can decline to continue with the commission at this stage. On completion I would deliver, personally within a 15 mile radius of my home (RG2 9DL) or by post, and you would pay the balance.

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